5 Things You Should Know About Door Access Control

Today, security is a top priority for business owners. With crime increasing in most parts of Phoenix, you really can’t afford to ignore your security needs. Because criminals are constantly updating their techniques and technology, it is crucial that business owners do the same. The first step to improving the security of your place of business is to be aware of the different types of secure access models available and give careful consideration to which one would serve your company best.

More and more business owners are realizing that access control is one of the best ways to up their security game at work. Access control involves installing secure access points that can only be opened with issued digital cards or keypad passwords. Although no security system is 100%, this is a great way to cut down on unsafe access into the building.

This quick guide will help to introduce you to some of the different aspects of secure door access and how it can work for you.

What is the DAC Model?

Door access control or DAC is a type of security measure that can put a control on who can come into a building. The door access model allows a business owner to keep track of many different aspects of property security.

Manage employees- DAC helps a business owner better manage who has access to what. This can include access to the entire building, but it can also help manage who has access to certain parts or rooms of a building.

Deny access quickly- If there is a security breach of some kind, a DAC model allows the owner or security team to deny access to certain parts of a building or the entrance to the building. This can be a life-saving advantage in some situations.

Simplify onboarding- Issuing secure key cards or keypad passwords is an easy way to bring new team members into the security plan.

Keeping track of entry/exit- A DAC also allows the employer/business owner to always have real-time information concerning entry and exit of the building. This can come in handy when trying to pinpoint the location of employees or trying to solve discrepancies in attendance.

An access control lock system gives business owners the ultimate control over the security of their buildings. This is also a far more affordable solution than traditional locks and keys if keys must be distributed to many different employees.

What is the First Step to Access Control?

The first thing you will need to consider is which company you will work with to install your system. Many security companies provide this service. However, because this is your business security, it is crucial that you work with a company that is reputable and has legitimate reviews. The best way to choose a company is to talk with other business owners who have installed these types of systems.

Be sure to consider both the good and the bad so you can make an informed decision.

Choose Your Method

The two main types of access are keypad pass codes and key cards. Each of these methods has different pros and cons. When you are talking with the security system that will install your system, be sure to discuss with them the two methods. Ask plenty of questions so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The company will be able to advise you on which method would work well for your particular situation.

Keypad and Pass Codes

Using a keypad with individual passcodes is often a less expensive option. This option is less expensive because key cards will not need to be created and issued to employees. However, with passcodes, you do run the risk of people forgetting their passcodes. This could turn into a huge issue with wasted time and frustration, especially during the first few days of system use when your employees are still getting acquainted with the system.

Key Card Access

Key card access is often considered to be a better option as it bypasses human error of forgotten passcodes. However, key cards can also get lost or be forgotten. There will always be pros and cons to each method.

Key cards are relatively inexpensive to create and can be easily reissued to new employees. If key cards are lost or stolen, they can also be easily deactivated.

How Do You Install Door Access Control?

Although door access control can probably be installed as a DIY, it is often recommended that you work with a security company. This will ensure that you have a high-quality system. Working with a security company also provides the added benefits of system training. The company will make sure that you and your employees have all of the information you need to use the system properly.

Educate Your Employees

You will also need to spend some time educating your employees concerning the new access control system. The security company you work with for installation will also likely have the information you can pass on to your employees concerning how to use the new access control system and their individual security responsibilities concerning access.

Bottom Line

You can drastically increase the security of your entire property with door access control systems with the help of Express Locksmith, a highly skilled and professional Houston locksmith service provider. Systems can be installed quickly, and key cards or key codes can have your team working in a more secure environment soon.

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