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Ideas That Can Make For A Great Retirement Home

Home is not just a place, it is a feeling where a person feels safe, comfortable, and secure, and where he/she makes endless memories. Since thousands of elders are turning senior citizens daily, the demographics are looking favourable in the senior housing market. Changing lifestyles leading to nuclear families, careers, and jobs, and the need to live in more space amidst nature and people of their age, have led them to choose retirement homes. Thus, multiple building construction companies are grabbing this opportunity and turning their reconstruction properties into an appealing retirement home option. However, not all retirement houses are comfortable, safe, and, as per the amenities needed by senior citizens. Here are design ideas to incorporate to make your retirement home the ideal one. 

  1. Small garden area for relaxation:

Often, senior citizens love to be around nature, enjoy their cup of tea while watching the plants, do gardening, walk and enjoy their quality time of life amidst the greenery. It not only has multiple health benefits, but is also a great way to spend their old-age time. Hence, every ideal retirement house should have some garden section depending on the space available. To choose such retirement homes, check the building construction cost in Bangalore before choosing one in the idealized location. 

  1. Good lighting for a safe home:

A lighted area ensures a safe and secured home for the elders. You surely don’t want them to have a nasty fall at such a delicate age. Thus, lighting should be ample in areas like outdoors, reading areas, bathrooms, stairways, and workplaces like the kitchen. Also, night lights are useful when moving around in the dark while the emergency lights will be handy at the door, kitchen, and stairs when a blackout happens. 

  1. Right positioning of plug points:

While numerous builders may overlook this, the right positioning of plug points is necessary, especially if someone is suffering from a backache. Thus, having a plug point placed at a table top height is better than bending down to plug and unplug any electrical devices. Try to put in more plug points but eliminate their use of extension cords as elderly people may trip and have a terrible  fall. 

  1. Safety in bathrooms:

While the bathroom is a place to relax and freshen up, a lot of unforeseen incidents may occur if one doesn’t take care of minute details. Hence, here are things to look into while constructing an ideal retirement home. 

  • Wet bathroom floors can be highly dangerous, thus choose floor tiles that are non-slip material. A rough one does the job right. 
  • If you are constructing a separate shower area, a handrail is a must as it helps senior people to move easily by holding it. 
  • The height of the toilet seat should be at least 17-inches high as it will create less stress on the knees and black of the elders to get up or sit. 
  • Always have the bathroom door open outwards and not inwards. If anyone falls, one can still go inside and help them immediately.
  • Having a simple-styled and easy-to-operate hot and cold water mixer is upright for both children and elderly people.
  • Always install a hand-shower along with the fixed shower head as it promotes easy access for people with limited mobility.
  • Having a telephone extension in the bathroom or an emergency bell is a brilliant idea in case someone faces any difficulty or needs urgent help. 
  1. Kitchen layout:

An ideal kitchen means creating a kitchen triangle linking the distance between the stove, sink, and fridge. A bigger triangle means more walking and hence, for the elderly, a small triangle will make it more accessible and less tiring. Consider having an oven fixed on the wall at a comfortable height for the aged people to access without the need to bend. 

  1. Main entrance:

For the entrance, design your home in such a way that the layout needs no steps. This will allow smooth movement of the elders and a wheelchair when in need. Also, try to create a space to have a bench near the entrance. Often aged people become easily tired and want to rest when the other unlocks the main door. Also, it is useful to tie and untie the shoelaces too. 

  1. Stairway handrail:

If any staircase is there in the layout, install a handrail on both sides preferably of the staircase without fail. Also, the edge of each step should be marked with a different color to make it easily noticeable by the elders. If a new staircase is being designed,  they suggest a gentle incline as it will be easier for the aged people to use as they turn older. 

  1. Deal with hearing problems:

Hearing is a common problem that occurs as and when one ages. Loss of hearing can lead to multiple issues and can be a concern, especially for security reasons. Thus, during the retirement home building, one should include a home security system. This will include detecting burglary, and several other threats like smoke, fire, water damage, etc. One should choose such security systems with a powerful light instead of just sound for the ones who have hearing difficulty. One should also include an audible doorbell or an intercom for additional security. 

  1. Interior designing:

In addition, senior people easily slip and trip. To avoid such situations, place a carpet underlay if planning to put rugs or carpets. Also, countless older people may suffer from impaired contrast perception. Thus, one suggests introducing high contrast colors to the background and foreground to show variation and clear visibility. 

Retirement homes are ideal for senior living and for the ones looking to spend their last lapse of life in quality. Thus, they deserve a cheerful, comfortable and secure environment to stay in and live. Thus, these ideas will not just make it convenient for their lives, it will also make it a happy living space. 

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