7 Genuine Reasons to Hire a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Did you know that over 450 traffic fatalities were reported in Cook County in 2021? Data shows that accidents on the roads of Chicago are on the rise, and if you were injured in such a mishap, you should consider lawyering up. People often worry about the lawyer’s fee and whether they can expect a settlement in the first place. In this post, we are sharing seven genuine reasons why you should hire a Chicago car accident lawyer.

  1. An accident lawyer can evaluate your case for free. That’s correct. Personal injury law firms that take up auto accident lawsuits don’t charge for the case evaluation, and you can always get your questions answered.
  2. An accident lawyer can help investigate the accident. The insurance company will do their work to gather details, but the team is there to try and deny your claim. You need an experienced accident lawyer on your side to investigate the accident for you.
  3. An accident lawyer can use resources. For some cases, it becomes necessary to evaluate the case from all angles. Experienced lawyers often rely on accident reconstruction experts and medical professionals to prove a claim.
  4. An accident lawyer doesn’t charge an upfront fee. If you are worried about whether you can pay an attorney, you would be thrilled to know that accident lawyers don’t charge an upfront fee anywhere in Illinois. In most cases, they get a contingency fee, payable only when the client wins.
  5. An accident lawyer has experience on their side. While you may think that you know how things unfolded during the accident, your lawyer has the expertise and experience to handle the case. They can work as hard as needed to fight for their rights.
  6. An accident lawyer can negotiate better. Insurance companies are known for shrewd tactics and tricks and can do anything to deny a claim. Your lawyer can become your defensive advocate to negotiate the settlement.
  7. An accident lawyer can go to court when required. Car accident lawsuits in Chicago don’t usually end up at trial, but if the case takes unexpected turns, your accident lawyer can fight the case extensively.

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer, make sure that they are experienced in handling similar cases. It is also a good idea to get an estimate for the out-of-pocket expenses that are likely in the case so that you are prepared for the legal battle.

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