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5 Design Tips to Have a Space-Themed Bedroom

We all want that room where we can feel at ease and enjoy what we want to do the most. A good bedroom is one where we can sit back, relax, and enjoy amid the hectic schedule of daily life. But for kids, a good bedroom is one where they will have fond childhood memories, where they can play, sleep comfortably, and fully employ their creative minds. 

In this list, we’re going to give some design tips for one bedroom theme that kids would love — a space-themed bedroom. We’re going to include some of the most creative design ideas, such as a floating bed with lights, galaxy projectors, space-themed lamps, and other objects that can take you on an adventure in space!

1. Colors for a Starry, Starry Night

First thing’s first — you must ensure your bedroom’s colors are suitable to its theme. For a space-themed bedroom, you’d want to choose a color palette consisting of hues of blue and white to represent the starry sky and perhaps even the pristine white color of astronaut suits and space shuttles. 

The color palette won’t only mean painting your walls with a deep dark blue and white. Colors should also extend to other objects in the room, such as furniture, sheets, and curtains. You could opt for dark blue curtains or space-themed sheets to complement the room’s theme. There are many ways to think about decorating a space-themed bedroom, but to make it distinguishable, you’d want to settle on a good color palette first.

2. Space-themed Mural

If you have a knack for painting, you could use the walls as your canvas and employ a more creative flair in designing a space-themed bedroom. You could play around with the colors and paint actual space objects, enhancing the immersive impression of the bedroom. Of course, you could make use of this activity to strengthen your bond with your child and even let him explore making art as a hobby.

3. LED Lights

Lighting is a crucial factor in giving a particular area the ambiance you want. Making use of multi-colored LED lights will surely provide that galaxy-like ambiance to the room. You could opt to install LED lights on the ceiling or along the walls, and turning them on at night will greatly enhance the child’s immersive experience in outer space. 

You can also get creative with LED lights. For example, you can add space shuttle-shaped LED lights to the walls of the room, or you could hang some planet-shaped LED lights from one end of your room to the other. There are several uses for LED lights, and it’s up to you to get creative with them.

4. Floating Bed with Lights

It would tickle your mind if you imagine a floating bed to be something suspended in mid-air. But, we’ll have to clarify that it’s not something like a magic carpet. Floating beds are low platform beds with legs and support, designed specifically to make the bed appear as if it were floating. The supports are hidden discreetly under the floating frame of the bed. The bed frames are lightweight but still sturdy and durable and are usually made of wood or metal. 

Aside from the cool floating effect, floating beds also make way for extra under-bed storage containers, making it an efficient space saver. But what makes a floating bed fit in a space-themed bedroom? You guessed it – LED lights. The illusion of a floating bed with glowing lights underneath in a dark room would certainly feel like some form of spacecraft beginning to take off from Earth.

5. Galaxy Projector

Want to see the stars, the constellations, and the mixture of galactic colors on your ceiling as you stare at it from your bed? Then it’s about time you invest in a Galaxy Projector. It’s a device that doesn’t take up that much space, and you could place it on your table. Its main function is to project an artificial starry sky or an artificial galaxy on your ceiling. The great thing about this device is that it could make your plain-looking ceiling into something fun to look at, especially for children.

Final Thoughts

These five design tips are only a few of the multitude of ideas you could make use of to create a space-themed bedroom. There are still a ton of other things you can create for this kind of bedroom, such as an intergalactic-themed study table, an artificial solar system, and even space shuttle-shaped furniture! 

With a little bit of creativity and the right materials, you’ll be able to create the best space-themed bedroom for your family. If you want to check out more storage solutions, furniture pieces, and appliances, you may visit Storables.com for more aesthetically-pleasing options.

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