Best Ways to Dress in London to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

London is a bubbly city filled with people from different cultural backgrounds. That means you’d see people with varying patterns of dressing, so your outfits shouldn’t give you sleepless nights. But that doesn’t mean Londoners won’t stare at you awkwardly if your dress is too odd. 

As a tourist, before you start packing your traditional outfit for a London tour, you must read this post because we’ll reveal the best ways to dress in London to avoid looking like a tourist. 

Dress Simple

If you move across the streets of London, there’s one thing you’d find everywhere. It’s simplicity. This style rule remains from Canary Wharf to West Ends, stretching across the streets of Camden or Shore ditch. 

Instead of picking more detailed clothing with savvy designs, settle for a casual or easy-to-wear outfit. Even if you want to be creative in your clothing selection, ensure you put minimal effort.

Layer your Clothes

The weather is one of the top two things that influence how London locals dress. The major mistake you may make is thinking it is summer or winter and simply dressing for that season. Don’t try that in London. 

London’s winter can be as confusing as it may get. Sometimes, there’s light rain; other times, it rains cats and dogs. Londoners know how to keep their outfits as changeable as the weather. They make layers their friend, and so should you. You’d always need to carry a coat and a glove. You can wear this on something breathable. 

Don’t be deceived by the warm morning. It can easily switch to cold in a few hours, and things may change in the next hour. If it gets too hot during the day, remove your coat and gloves, and you are fine. 

Steer Clear of Souvenir Clothing

You can wear every other thing in London, but not souvenir clothing. That Hello London T-Shirt and I love London Face cap is the first way to give yourself away on the street of London. You can wear this merchandise at home but never in London. 

No Dress Code in London

You’d find London styling confusing as it comes in many variants. It’s not as chic as the French or as relaxed as the Americans. So, how do you dress as a London local? As we’ve mentioned earlier, the mix of people in London affects the culture here. So, expect to see many fashion-savvy locals who dress stylishly but still adhere to general fashion rules. 

The first trick is being yourself. Dress in outfits that make you comfortable and confident. When you do this, you are halfway there. The next is to choose an outfit that is in-between conservative and Edgy. A simple blouse matched with blue jeans can do the trick here. 

Bags with Zips 

You will agree that bags can take your outfit from 10 – 100. So, why skip the bag? Moreover, you’d need to move with stuff around the day. When in London, a bag with a zipper is a must. 

Why zippers? London is a bustling city with an energetic crowd. So, there would be pickpockets. Closing your bag properly would save your item from dropping off or getting stolen. Plus, you’d rarely see any London local with open bags. Anyways, if you make a mistake and risk your items, a total law immigration lawyer can help out. 

Alternatively, you can opt for backpacks. Backpacks are a trend amongst the residents. They carry mini-utilitarian backpacks. You don’t want to go carrying big backpacks with half of your stuff in them—except you want the whole of London to know a tourist is amidst them. 

Always Put on Comfortable Shoes

There’s no off-peak season in London. It is always rowdy and crowded. The best way to navigate the crowd is by walking, and you need comfortable shoes. You’d also always need to go on escalators and enter the tube, so wear easy shoes. 

As a fast rule, leave the heels, flip-flops, and sneakers at home. You can only wear heels in the dark, maybe at the pub or club. Just stick with ankle boots during the warm season and shin-high boots during the cold season. No Heelys, please! Heelys are only worn around the countryside. 

Final Notes

London is a culturally diverse society with no stringent fashion rules. The better rule is to stay simple and comfy. A few exceptions are avoiding wearing union jacks, sleeveless tees, and sunglasses on the tube. Other than these, you are good to go. 

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