Top 5 reasons you should see a Sinus specialist in Singapore


Living with long-term unexplained sinus issues and congestion can be incredibly troublesome. Whether it is difficulty breathing through your nose, facial pressure or even a suppressed sense of smell; sinus issues can greatly affect your quality of life. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! With the help of a sinus specialist in Singapore, you can find all the options that will be able to give you the relief you have been looking for.

But first, what is a sinus specialist? 

When we refer to a sinus specialist in Singapore, we often mean a medical professional who in addition to being trained as a standard ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor, has also completed advanced subspecialty training which ensures that they are equipped to treat serious sinus and nasal issues with the use of both medication and surgery. This is the highest level of instruction available and therefore, they may be able to offer treatments that your ENT or primary care doctor have not considered. 

Why you should seek medical attention from a sinus doctor in Singapore

  1. You are sick of being sick

Chronic sinusitis can severely affect one’s overall quality of life. Symptoms of this condition include discoloured drainage, headaches, changes in sense of smell or taste, fatigue or tiredness, poor sleep, facial pain or pressure and an overall sense of poor wellbeing. Sinusitis is actually a very common condition (more common than heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc). This condition can impact you on a daily basis but you do not have to simply live with this condition. With the help of a sinus specialist, you can find relief from symptoms. 

  1. It has gone on for too long

If your symptoms of congestion have lasted longer than 12 weeks or occur throughout the year multiple times, it is a sign that you should see a specialist to properly deal with the issue. A visit with a specialist is also recommended if you have seen no improvement using treatments that have been given to you by other healthcare providers. 

  1. You have tried everything

If your sinus symptoms have not improved despite over-the-counter or prescription medications, nasal sprays or multiple courses of antibiotics, a sinus specialist can help find an effective treatment plan. Often chronic sinus issues are not caused by bacterial infections. Instead, they are caused by uncontrolled inflammation. Thus, while some treatments can include options such as antibiotics in combination with other treatment options, this might not be the best method of dealing with sinus issues. Getting a treatment plan from a sinus specialist can ensure that you are getting the best treatment for your condition. 

  1. You want to know more

If you want to understand more about your sinus issues, you can also seek the attention of a sinus specialist. They will be able to tell you whether you have chronic or acute sinusitis, along with what treatment options are available. They will also be able to understand what might be causing your condition, and thereby prescribe better treatments that don’t just treat the symptoms of your condition, but also the underlying cause. 

  1. You want speciality care

If you want to see people who understand the most about sinusitis, a sinus doctor in Singapore will have all the additional training in sinus and nasal problems to help you know more about your condition. With their subspecialty in nasal and sinus issues, they will be able to come up with an individualised treatment plan. This will also be a great option if you have underlying conditions that are causing your sinus problems such as sarcoidosis, nasal polyps or cystic fibrosis. 

Consult a sinus specialist in Singapore

A sinus doctor in Singapore can help to improve or eliminate troublesome sinus symptoms through a proper diagnosis of the issue, a personalised treatment plan or nasal surgery. Amandela – ENT Head & Neck Center is one of the leading ENT clinics in Singapore that offers some of the best subspecialty care. With a team of medical professionals that consist of experts in the ENT field who specialise in sinus issues, you are in the best hands when you visit Amandela. 

Contact Amandela now and make an appointment to help you find relief from uncomfortable symptoms. 

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