6 Jobs Where You Would Need A First Aid And CPR Certification

You might think that first aid training and CPR certification are only helpful in medical fields, but this is far from the truth. Safety training is essential for many career paths and is sought-after by employers across industries. Anyone, at any moment, can fall in need of CPR assistance. 

First aid and CPR certification are skills you may want to obtain. While safety training can come in handy anytime, specific careers require this training as job requirements. In many cases, you won’t be considered for the job unless you’ve obtained these qualifications. 

If you’re serious about your career and feel that first aid and CPR certification may be necessary, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we discuss jobs where you would need safety certifications to be considered. Read on to learn about six career paths that require CPR and First Aid Certifications.

  1. Transportation Services Staff

Depending on the company you’d be working for and your state, the requirements for training and certification may differ. Regardless, some CPR and First Aid Certifications are necessary for transportation staff working in transportation services. If working in transportation is something you’re interested in, reach out to the companies you’d like to work for and find out their specific requirements. 

  1. Professional Childcare Providers 

You’ll need CPR and First Aid Certifications if you work in childcare. Most childcare centers require childcare professionals to obtain this training. The ability to handle emergency situations swiftly is a vital obligation of working in childcare and is why many states require these certifications. 

  1. Personal Fitness Trainers 

As a fitness trainer, you’re constantly pushing your clients to be their best. Sometimes, this goes a bit too far, causing clients to need immediate assistance. Personal trainers must know CPR and First Aid Certifications to address emergencies. Gyms may be particularly strict in these requirements before considering hiring you. 

  1. Paramedics Need CPR and First Aid Certifications

First responders are required to know first aid and CPR. The job title is reliant on responding to emergencies. Your state may have specific requirements you must meet before you can work as a first responder. To obtain the requirement for licensing, be sure to get CPR and First Aid Certifications. 

  1. Working As Caregiver 

CPR certificate and first aid training are essential to caregiving. There may come a time that first aid or CPR is necessary for your job. Having the skills you need to prepare for these events is indispensable. 

  1. Professional Security Guards 

Emergencies can happen anytime, and you may be the first responder to help. CPR and first aid are essential if you are a security guard or work in security. Having safety certifications may be essential before certain companies will hire you. 

How Do Lifesaving Skills Fit Into Your Career? 

Safety training is always valuable but is particularly helpful in fields where emergencies are common. Review the above six jobs as you consider where you fit alongside positions that require certifications. 

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