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How To Make Your House Look More Spacious

Things like tiny apartments, dual-use furniture, and convenient living characterize a modern urban lifestyle. People have very little time; hence they want their furniture to be easy to use. Also, with the increasing urban population, land is becoming scarce, and houses are becoming smaller. 

Hence, every inch of space in a modern urban house or apartment is to be put to full use. However, modern consumers are also well aware, and they get a lot of information at the click of a button. Hence, they can research well before designing their house and buying furniture for their rooms.

Tips To Make A House Or Apartment Look More Spacious

A Concealed Soft Close Doublewall Drawer System

A concealed soft close doublewall drawer system is a modern piece of furniture that makes a room look spacious. The concealed handles are inserted within the drawer system and not on the surface, unlike traditional drawer systems. A soft close drawer is less noisy and is safe for a house that has children. Again, a doublewall drawer system provides a lot of storage space. Hence if such a drawer is installed in the study or in the bedroom, it can accommodate many books, clothes, etc.

Getting A Sofa-Cum-Bed

A sofa-cum-bed is a piece of purpose that serves both as a sofa and a bed. Typically people who live in 1BHK apartments can opt for this option. In this case, the sofa can be used during the day when guests visit the house. And the sofa can smoothly transition into a comfortable bed at night. However, this dual-use furniture has existed for quite some time now, and the designs have evolved to make them easier to use. The present sofa-cum-bed sets come with a lot of storage space, and the beds are large enough to accommodate more than one person.

A Set Of Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are of great use when the house is so small that it can accommodate a small sofa or no sofa at all. In such a case, if there are many visitors, foldable chairs can come to the rescue. At other times the chairs can be folded and stored in the corner of the room. specializes in the production of chairs and tables. They make foldable chairs that are stylish, comfortable to sit on, and easy to fold. 

Nested Tables

Nested tables are a group of tables that are made such that the larger table can accommodate the table smaller than it, and so on. When the tables are not in use, they can be placed underneath each other. Such an arrangement will provide a lot of free space in a house. On the other hand, when there are guests in the house, then the tables can be used separately. That largest table serves as the center table of the drawing-room, and the smallest ones can also serve as stools.

Trucks That Can Provide Storage And Can Also Be Used As A Table

Many modern houses are buying beautifully painted trunks that almost look like a table or a place to sit when closed. However, when opened, these trucks provide a lot of storage space. These trunks can be placed anywhere, including the bedroom, drawing room, study, etc.

Work On The Lighting Of The House

The lighting of a room has a great role to play in how spacious a house looks. If the room is lit with bright lights, then it tends to look bigger than its actual size. Hence, outdoor LED lights are a good option. These lights usually produce high-intensity lights and can be used in the interiors if the space is small. A homeowner should contact an outdoor LED light supplier to know about all the products that are available and their price range.

Lastly, utilizing oxygen valve services can be a real-quick solution to ensure safety for both workspace and homes.

Use Of Mirrors

Using mirrors and lights and placing them strategically creates an impression that the room is spacious. Mirrors show the reflection of a room. Hence, they create an impression that a room is actually double its original size. Hence, people who have small rooms buy giant wall-sized mirrors to make their rooms look double their original dimensions. 


Smart choice of furniture, use of mirrors, and proper placement of lights are some of the tried and tested techniques to make a room look big. However, the most important rule to make something look spacious is to make it less congested, to begin with. So if a room is small, the owner should buy bare minimal furniture. Again, it is equally important to declutter and remove things that are no longer in use. People have a habit of accumulating stacks of magazines, old boxes, etc., in their homes. When people are lazy and they do not throw away old things, then space management becomes a problem. 

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