Fake Glasses: The New Cool In Town

To stand out with your style, it is important to not only dress well but also complement your clothing with a range of fashion accessories. When the talk is about fashion accessories where there are options for all sorts of outfits, glasses are right up in the list.

One of the modern day trends dominant in the eyewear fashion space is fake glasses. Glasses are one of the finest fashion accessories, and If you want to put on a pair of glasses just for the purpose of style, these non-prescription pairs are a solid option. Fake glasses come with non-prescriptive lenses with the sole function to serve as a fashion accessory, and they are super effective in doing so. 

Recently, while shopping for men’s glasses online, I bought a pair of retro round frames and I am already in love with them. To fine-tune your glasses style game with the latest trends, here are the most trending fake glasses styles that you need to know. Read on!

Oversized Frames

By mixing up elegance with fun, the bold and sassy oversized frames are trending like never before. You can be assured that this trend will continue in the near future. Being a versatile style, you always have a variant of oversized glasses suited for all moods, occasions, face shapes, and outfits.

If you have an angular face shape, while choosing the styles of frames, opt for round or oval frames for accentuation of your angular facial features. Take the route of angular frames such as the likes of square and rectangular for face shapes towards the roundish end.

As per the trends, round oversized glasses with metal frames are a timeless style, and are a perfect contender for your wardrobes. Another style that is bound to steal the show is the boxy square oversized frames.

Clear Frames

Who said you only get stylish prescription glasses online? There are also super stylish non-prescriptive pairs – in the form of fake glasses. And clear frames are one of those styles.

If you are searching for a sophisticated style, an ideal style would be clear frame glasses. Also known as transparent glasses, it hasn’t taken much time for clear frame glasses to become popular. These contemporary styles can elevate your style on all occasions, and are particularly great for something elite.

The most striking thing about transparent glasses – making them a hot modern-day trend – is their neat glass-like structure. If you are looking for a modern style of glasses that goes well for all your style needs, clear frame glasses are beyond perfect.

The crystal clear transparent frames can add a touch of class to all sorts of outfits, whereas you can style the frames in pastel shades to bring in an element of fun.

Round Glasses

Round glasses enjoy one of the widest popularity among various styles and there is barely any trending chart out there where you will not find round glasses. In case you are looking for a style to accentuate angular facial features perfectly, round glasses are your go-to pairs. However, no need to worry as there are many variants suited for other face shapes as well.

Vintage fashion is a big trend today and there is no better option than retro round glasses to keep the vintage style element at its peak. There is something about this style that imparts a classic retro touch, and their super simple circular structure contributes to this in a big way.

Looking at the current trends of round glasses, clear frame round glasses are one of the most outstanding styles for a sharp fashion statement. The sleek metal frame glasses are still going strong in the eyewear fashion space and continue to be one of the favourites for many.

By combining round glasses with tortoiseshell frames, the retro feel reaches a different level altogether and you can also be assured of a contrasting appeal of tortoiseshell patterns.


Being an ultra-classic style, aviator glasses are selling off the shelves super fast, and the craze is only going to see an upward rise in the times to come. What makes these styles superb is their charismatic teardrop structure. Whether you pick the traditional variants or the styles that have been modified with evolution of aviators, a classic style element is guaranteed. 

Regarding styling your aviator glasses as per various considerations such as occasions, face shapes, or even outfits, you don’t have to worry as there is a massive range to choose from suited for all your style needs. Being a versatile style only contributes to the popularity of aviators.

To keep yourself in sync with the trends, frames with double bridges can truly be a game changer. Apart from this, the super elegant metal frames have never ceased to unfurl their magic. Some of the contemporary styles to add to your wardrobes include round and geometric aviators, which will impart an offbeat look for sure.

Metal Frame Glasses

The timeless metal frame glasses are the talk of the town. Being one of the best vintage styles, regardless of the styles that you compliment your metal frame glasses with, a classic vintage element always comes along.

To keep the vintage aesthetic at its highest level, retro and refined round styles are exceptional. For a sophisticated style, nothing can get better than geometric styles in half-rim frames. To take the funky route, you can play around with size by opting for the super trending oversized metal frames.

When it comes to the types of metal frames, you can look beyond the conventional full-rim frames and opt for the half-rim variants that are one of the coolest trends going around. Talking about colours, your options are manifold, ranging from basic black to glossy silver, from luxury gold to offbeat beige, from playful red to raw brown.

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