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What To Consider Before Choosing Tanzanite Jewelry?


Do you remember the last time you had to pick up the perfect dress or outfit to go out on a physical date? It was almost two years ago before the pandemic struck. However, the times are slowly improving, and those good old days are now back. You can have a great date with a flawless look with the right accessories. Hence if you are now deciding to do so, a Tanzanite Silver necklace can be a good choice among other jewelry items.

This is because the solid blue hue of the Tanzanite necklace can genuinely bring out your mastery and beauty which will aid in enhancing your look at any occasion.

Here are some things you should consider while buying Tanzanite jewelry:

1. Coordinate Jewelry With Your Style: If implemented, certain fashion styles can help you achieve a distinctive look with Tanzanite. For example, you can try putting together a Lapis Lazuli tennis bracelet, a Tanzanite pendant, stud Strontium Titanate earrings, a silver ring, and a trendy summer half-sleeve outfit.

However, on the other hand, if you are wearing denim jeans along with white shirts, then you should choose to wear simple necklaces with thin chains or maybe even a Tanzanite pendant with a light white gold chain. You can also wear several animal theme earrings or bangles for your hands to achieve a uniquely fashionable look.

Also, a layered necklace like Shungit and others will elevate your look too by adding a glamorous shine to your overall look.

2. Color Combination Jewelry: In the summers, the classic colors are black, white and gray, and these colors go very well with Tanzanite too. But if you are someone who prefers to wear contrasting colors with a deep fascination with purple or lavender, then you can also try out the Lapis Lazuli necklace. A good Lapis Lazuli necklace, along with a Tanzanite tennis bracelet and a pair of white Diamond studs, will surely look awesome in this outfit.

Black, white, gray, and nude are classic wardrobe colors that go well with most gemstones. But if you are someone who prefers other color palettes, then consider picking jewelry that can complement your unique color choices best.

If you intend to wear an aqua color or other shades of blue outfits, try to pair it with white pearls, gold or silver jewelry items. Pink looks best with white gold or yellow gold items of jewelry. While maroon and other deep red colors look best with gold chains and others.

So keeping that in mind, buy your Tanzanite accordingly with the desired chain material and color. You can always mix and match your pieces and experiment with different looks so that your unique body style goes well with it. Layering or combining precious metals is an upcoming trend and may also make your outfit look unique.

3. Skin Tone: Like clothing items, jewelry items also have a particular need to be matched with one’s skin tone. You will have to be careful about it especially in summer times. Do not confuse skin fairness with skin tone. For example- If your veins are greenish, then the undertone of your skin is most likely warm. If your veins have a bluish or purple hue, you will have cool skin in all probability. If your veins match your skin color, then your undertone is neutral.

If your skin’s undertone is warm, then you should consider wearing yellow or rose gold items of jewelry. If it’s cool, then try wearing silver or white gold jewelry items and gemstones in vibrant colors such as purple, green, and blue will look good on you.

4. Purpose Of Wearing: There is an occasion for wearing a particular item of jewelry. Keeping that in mind, buy your jewelry collection. For example- Diamond earrings and loose tennis bracelets will look good for night events like a sundown date or similar circumstances. But Tanzanite earrings will look in broad daylight or at indoor parties where you are wearing a light-coloured outfit.

So if you are planning on wearing a simple one-coloured necklace or any other jewelry, then try to choose a statement necklace with a bangle in hand. This is a good combination to wear along with shorts or simple white t-shirts for going to casual or semi-casual events.

If your workplace is very open and diverse in clothing choices, you can wear Tanzanite earrings or bronze hoops or other fashionable earrings or else Diamond studs will do just fine.

If you desire to dress up in sleek blazers and pencil skirts, then you should consider wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings and a classic Tanzanite tennis bracelet.


Use the above guide to find your perfect fashion idea and look your best at all times.

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